Finished: Be Inkspired by Stitchrovia

I finished something! I can hardly believe it! Here is Be Inkspired by Stitchrovia:

I made this on 14 count Aida with DMC Threads. It was heavenly! This process has been a long one. I have so many WIPS that it feels like I am continuously working on many different things but never finishing anything. I made a commitment to make this my only cross stitch piece until it was finished. I may have finished faster if I wasn’t also doing crochet WIPS at the same time.

What feels strange is that when I finish a project I feel sort of hung over and I don’t do any of that type of craft for a few days. It kind of scares me because I fear that I won’t ever want to pick up the hook or a needle again. What would I do then? My identity is sort of wrapped up in being a crafter. It is how I express myself, soothe myself, and amuse myself.

Does anyone else feel this way when their projects are complete?


Remember when I said….

Remember in my last post when I said my reward for using up my current yarn should NOT be more yarn? I can’t put rules like that on myself and I’ve decided that I need this Hawthorne Fingering yarnpack from Knitpicks.

I’m going to do a Fade Shawl. But only after finishing the blanket, I swear.

See, this is allowed because it is a planned purchase. All that other yarn was bought on a whim with no plan. This is the new me – buying craft supplies with a clear plan. And this is super awesome because the yarn is already matched and coordinated for me, so I won’t second guess my color choices because someone better than me chose these colors.

In other news, I’m realizing that I need to switch up my crafting because I’m getting major crochet cramps. I figure I can do crochet things one day, then cross stitch the next. Knitting doesn’t cramp my hands as much, smaller movements apparently. Since yesterday was crochet day, I’m working on this piece today, Be InkspiredBy Stitchrovia. It is a downloadable pattern on Etsy.

I’m almost done. But every time I say I’m almost done I realize I’m not. Doesn’t the saying go that the last 20% of a job takes 80% of the effort? That is soooo true for me. I thought I would be done this week. I need to take my predictions for finishing my projects and quadruple the time.

Happy stitching!

Stashbust 2018: Granny Square Blanket

I started this blanket as a way to get rid of my weirder misfit yarns fast. I wanted to mimic the beautiful blankets I had seen on eightbysix, but of course she uses carefully color coordinated yarn packs that look fabulous no matter what, and my yarns are the ones that I wouldn’t use for anything because by themselves they are fugly. I did try to mimic the style – which is two rows of granny stripe for each color- and I’m kind of liking it!

It is baby blanket size, but since we do not have a baby I’m going to make it a grownup blanket for the sofa, because all three of us require blankets in every chair in every room of the house.

At this point the rounds are so large that it takes about 1/3 of a skein to get around twice. I’ve used up some smaller skeins already! I should make some kind of point system for each skein I use up, and the reward should NOT be more yarn that I’ll never use…

What doesn’t get used in this blanket will be used for another scrap project, probably something held double or I had this crazy idea of hats made with the uglier colors then dip dyed. I’ll keep that on the back burner for now.

I almost bought more yarn at least twice this week, and last week I had at least $80 worth in three different online shopping carts, but I stopped myself! Yay! The goal is FINISHED OBJECTS this year!